iPhone/iPod/iPad Backup Password Recovery

backup password recovery for iPhone

Most of us would like protect our personal info for privacy. We may encrypt our iOS devices with a backup password for not liking our curious friends to search our messages, read our e-mails, chatting conversations, etc. With the password created on idevices (iPhone, iPad or iPod, etc.), we will feel relatively safe to keep our all data private. But there is always something unfavorable. We users often forgot such a password casually.

We can try the below password instructions to have a try to crack backup password.

1. Disconnect and reconnect your iOS device.
1) Disconnect your iPhone
2) Sign out of your iTunes account from your computer
3) Connect your USB and iPhone again
4) Sign in again with your iTunes password

2. Try the password of your iCloud account.
“My password was my iCloud password with capitals, numbers, and specials.”

3. Type in the password of current Apple account. If it doesn’t work, try entering the initial password.
“I finally got through with all correct passwords. For reasons unknown it was the main iTunes password I had setup while I first got the apple iPhone 4g and iTunes months ago. I’d changed that password immediately after creating it and also have since changed it several times.”

4. Reset password of the Apple account — while doing this, don’t include special characters with your password.
“I then took the # away from my iTunes password and tried might it worked. The restore is currently happening so we’ll discover how it is come from here.”

5. Start with a new ‘dummy’ backup:
“Finally resolved it by
1) Making a new backup and setting a password
2) Restoring that new backup and then changing password.
3)Then restored original backup and used the new password I had created and it worked.”

6. Try entering 1234… or 0000 as your password.
“Try 1234. Yeah… that’s what worked on mine.”

7. Enter your Windows or Mac login password?
“For me, over a PC, the password was my Windows user login password. I DO NOT, and HAVE NEVER used this password on anything besides my laptop’s login screen. Making sure that was the perfect solution in my opinion.”

8. Try entering the password stored in your iOS apps. This can be a bit tricky, but give it a shot.
“In my case, the password turned out to be a numeric code I defined when I set up the Microsoft Exchange account on the phone.”

9. Restart iTunes?
“Try quitting and re-opening iTunes. It worked for me.”

10. Use the password of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
“After tried everything until finally I believed that this screen lock password, the 4 numbers to unlock your iPhone might work. That worked for me personally.”

11. Use a different Mac or Windows computer.
“I own a friend with another mac, I copied the backup that has been taken prior to the iOS 5 update for their computer, and in the same iTunes folder for backups. I made sure iTunes is with the newest version. Launched iTunes, plugged in iPhone, thus hitting the restore button… Done! No passwords, no questions, my folders, accounts and settings are back when they were before the upgrade.”

With the above listed kinds of solutions, which one will help you open backup password? 

I do hope one of them will work for your backup unlocker. Well, if none of them works, you can have to take pro tool to solve your password issue.

A. Hope to unlock backup password for iPhone, iPod, iPad, get “iPhone Backup Unlocker” tool.

B. Directly recover your data on iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc. whatever you backup them or not, go to download tool “iPhone Data Recovery” to recover lost data on iPhone 5, 4S, etc.

Read Youtube video to remove backup password: http://youtu.be/6gpHzwEilDg

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