How to Recover iPhone 6/6+ Backup Password with the New iTunes

We often use password to secure our iPhone6/6+ backup. However, some of us often forget or remember a wrong iTunes backup passcode. Or, we even never set any passwords but iTunes keeps asking for a password.
Don’t worry, iPhone Backup Unlocker is a very famous password recovery tool which provides solutions for iOS device users to find your lost or forgotten iTunes backup password. In this article, I will tell you how to use iPhone Backup Unlocker to recover iPhone 6/6+ backup Password with the new iTunes.

How to Use iPhone Backup Unlocker to Recover iTunes Backup Password ?

Step 1.Select/Import iPhone 6/6+ iTunes Backup Key Container File to Decrypt
Download and run iPhone Backup Unlocker on your PC. Click "Add" and then double click on the file you lost password from the drop-down box.

Step 2. Choose an Attack Type and Set the Attack Type Accordingly
iPhone Backup Unlocker provides 3 types of attacks: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. Select t the most appropriate one to effectively retrieve iPhone 6/6+   iTunes backup file password.
Tips: If you want to know more about the 3 types of attacks, you can see the guide.
Step 3. Decrypt iPhone 6/6+ iTunes Backup Password
After that, click "Start". iPhone Backup Unlocker will start to find password. During the decryption process, you are allowed to "Stop" if you want. Of course, you can also continue the decryption. A few minutes later, you can see your iPhone 6/6+ iTunes backup password.

With iPhone Backup Unlocker you also can remove your iPhone 6/6+ iTunes backup password.
If you deleted photos/ notes/SMS/contacts and more from iPhone accidentally, iPhone data recovery can help you to recover all of your lost iPhone data.


How to Remove iTunes 12.2.1 Backup Password

There are a part of users likely to lost or forgot their iTunes 12.2.1 backup password, then how can remove their backup password. Here you can learn more about iTunes12.2.1 backup password remove.
We all know in the process of using iTunes backup password, we often encounter a variety of problems, such as how to cancel iTunes backup password. Then, when users encounter this problem, how to solve it?
Step1: You should make a backup connection in iTunes.
Step2: Then Set - Restore - Erase All Content and Settings.
Step3: After the two steps upon, you should download PP jailbreak assistant.
Step4: Then a backup escape (of course, you can download the jailbreak software in some forums).
Step5: If the above can also try by reducing unsuccessful, so here to remind everyone must make a backup.

How to use iTunes 12.2.1to backup.

Here in iPhone Case.
Step1: The iPhone is connected to your computer, and open the iTunes software, found on the left navigation bar equipment.
Step2: Select your device, click the right mouse button and select "Backup".
Step3: Next, iTunes will start backing up our phone's data. You should wait few seconds.
Step4: Finally wait for iTunes backup is complete. You have backup successfully.

How to restore a backup from iTunes12.2.1.

Step1: iPhone Case here for. The iPhone is connected to your computer, and open the iTunes software, found on the left navigation bar equipment. Then select your device, click the right mouse button and select "Restore from Backup", as shown below
Step2: then the system will pop up a window, the default for your most recent backup, click the "Restore" button.
Step3: Next, iTunes will start the recovery; it will be displayed on the iPhone "is recovering", as shown below
Step4: When the iTunes restore is complete, iPhone will automatically restart, as shown below.

How to manage the device backup on iTunes 12.2.1.

Sometimes we may have to back up multiple devices on a computer, such as the iPhone and iPad. This method can view the backup of all devices on iTunes12.2.1, and delete the backup.
Step1: First, you can open the iTunes software, click on the menu bar of the "Edit" button. Then click on "Preferences".
Step2: After that you can click on the following figure identified "Device" icon.
Step3: Here you can see the backup on iTunes 12.2.1 managed devices, select the backup you want to delete, click below identifies the "Delete Backup" button.

How to use iPhone Backup Unlocker to remove iTunes 12.2.1 backup password.

iPhone Backup Unlocker is a 22 in one tool for iPhone backup password reset or remove. iPhone Backup Unlocker Profesional is the only tool that can directly delete password from your encrypted iPhone iTunes 12.2.1backup password.

Step1: Download iPone Backup Unlocker Professional on you compter. Then select Encrypted iTunese 12.2.1 backup file.
Step2: In this process, the program will detect and find directory of the backup file automatically.  Then you can click "Add" and "Enter" button next to the file that you want to remove password.
Step3: Start to remove the iTunes file backup password.
Enter the password you just find for your encrypted backup file and click Decrypt to remove the password from your iTunes backup. Your unlocked backup file will be stored under: \My Documents\iTunesRecovery.
That's all for how to unlock and remove iTunes encrypted backup password. This also applied to your iPad and iPod touch backup.

After reading this blog, I hope you can learn more about iTunes and know more about iTunes 12.2.1 backup password remove.


How to crack password for iPhone 6/6 plus backup

We all know that with the iPhone products, selling more and more products on iPhone problems began to emerge. First of all I want to know what you know about the iPhone there. Then there are 3 questions as below.
Question1: Do you know what kinds of problem are often occurred to iPhone?
Question2: Do you know how to back up and restore your iPhone data?
Question3: Do you know how to crack password for iPone 6/6 plus backup?

Do you know what kinds of problems is often happens to iPhone?
Recurring problems: iPhone 6 plus bent, broken screen, no signal, Touch ID failure, malfunction Bluetooth, touch screen does not respond, camera malfunction.
Do you know how to back up and restore your iPhone data?
Information includes purchased music , TV shows, app, and book, " Camera Roll " photos and videos, device settings ( for example, " Phone Favorites," " wallpaper " and " Mail, Contacts, Calendars" account) backup, app data, home screen and app management, information (iMessage, SMS and MMS ) and ringtones. Not be backed up, but you can recover from your computer to synchronize media files through synchronization with iTunes.
Backup and restore using iTunes
Connect the iPhone device to the computer with the latest version of iTunes. Open the iOS device's “Summary" tab. This tag can be accessed in the following ways: pressing the key combination "Ctrl + S" to open sidebar; select the device in iTunes iPhone devices.

Click “Backup Now “button to start the backup iPhone data. To verify the successful completion of a backup, open iTunes “Preferences " and select the "Device " tab. Name of the device will be displayed with the backup creation date and time.
Press the key combination "Ctrl + S" to open sidebar, select the device in iTunes iPhone device, click the "Restore Backup" button to restore the backup data.
Use iCloud Backup and Recovery
iCloud will use iOS most important data is automatically backed up on a 5 or later devices . After the iPhone, via the " Settings > iCloud> Storage and Backup" enabled "Backup”, as long as your device is in the following states, will run daily backups:
1. Connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi
2. Connect to power
3. Lock Screen
In addition, just select from the "Settings > iCloud> Storage and Backup " in the “Backup Now ", through Wi-Fi to connect the device to the Internet, you can manually back up.
When using the “Setup Assistant " in the use of iOS 5 or later, new equipment , choose "Restore from iCloud cloud backup " and enter your iCloud account and password. You will see the backup device each enabled the three most recent backup. Select from backup to restore. Once your device is restarted, it will restore your settings and accounts, and the "Backup" to start the download purchased music, TV shows, app, books, camera roll, and other content. For best battery performance, keep the device connected to the power, until the completion of the recovery. You may be prompted to enter your password on the device is enabled for all accounts.
How to crack password for iPhone 6/6 plus backup?

iPhone Backup unlocker, the professional tool for iPhone Backup password crack. It is very popular for iPhone users to crack lost or forgotten iPhone backup password. Follow the several steps as below, you can crack password for iPhone 6/6 plus quickly and safely.
Step1: Download and install iPhone Backup Unlock on any accessible computer.
Step2: Import iPhone backup files.
Step3: Select an attack type and define the settings at once. There are three types are provide for you. Brute-force Attack , Brute-force with Mask Attack , Dictionary Attack.             
Step4: Start cracking iPhone backup password.
Following the several steps above, you can crack password for iPhone 6/6 plus easily.


How to Reset a Screen Locked iPhone with/without iTunes

If you own an iPhone and create a passcode on it, the process is simple. However, if you forgot the passcode to unlock your iPhone so the iPhone screen is locked, what can you do the next? It is known to us that the passcode is 4-digit number, if you type the wrong number too many times, your iPhone will be disabled. Even though the reason that iPhone owner lost iPhone password is diverse, we don’t spend too much time discussing it. The most important thing we can do is trying to reset screen locked iPhone and this article will talk about how to reset screen locked iPhone with or without iTunes.

Part1: How to Reset Screen Locked iPhone with iTunes

If you have backup all the data in your iPhone, you can use iTunes to restore your iPhone and then unlock the cell phone without any password. So first of all, you need to connect your iPhone to iTunes that installed in your PC or Mac. When you see the hint as well, click Cancel. PS: If there is a backup password in iTunes and you forgot it, you can use iPhone Backup Unlocker to unlock iPhone backup file password in iTunes in advance.

After that, you will need to restore your iPhone to factory setting:
1. Turn off your iPhone.
2. Press and hold the Home button, and while holding the Home button in, hurry up and connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cord.
3. Continuing holding the Home button until the "Connect to iTunes" screen pops up.
4. iTunes will give you the recovery mode alert.
5. Click "OK" and restore the device.

Part2: How to Reset Screen Locked iPhone without iTunes

If you are disagree with using iTunes to reset screen locked iPhone with iTunes, and then you can also take advantage of Siri to unlock password. To get more detailed step-by-step guide, you can watch the following video from YouTube.

Note: This method can only work to a certain extent, and only if the owner has allowed Siri access when the iPhone is locked.


Fastest way to unlock iPhone 6 backup password

iOS device including iPhone 6/6 Plus user can't back up their device without iTunes. Certainly, iTunes can helpe iPhone 6 user to do many things, exspecially, backing up phone data. when doing backup for iPhone 6 with iTunes,we can set a password for backup file to protect personal data from disclosure. However, I think you may ever face to forgetting iPhone backup password in iTunes,which is a big trouble when you want to restore data from iTunes.

So, how can I restore iPhone lost data with iTunes backup when password is forgotten? Generally, iTunes backup password may be set as personal informations in daily life. When we can't recall the password in a moment, we can try to type some possibilities. As for me, I will set my birthday or its transformers as iTunes backup password for my iPhone 6. Once you lost iPhone 6 backup password, you can try what you think it is possible, maybe you can remember something can help you unlock iPhone 6 backup password. However, this way is very slow and so boring.  

unlock iphone 6 backup password

P.S. What possibility for iPhone 6 backup password in iTunes:
1.Apple ID password 
3.ID care number or phone number.
4.your friends or loves' birthday or memorial day
Finally, we still need to find a fastest way to unlock iPhone 6 backup password. I prefer to use professional iTunes backup password recovery.

iPhone Backup Unlocker is dedicated to recovering lost iTunes backup password for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and enabling forensic access to address books, call logs, SMS archives, voice mail and email account settings, applications, and so on in these backups. Moreover, it ensures you no data loss or damage to your backup data.

After this brief introduction, you may need to know how to use this iPhone backup password recovery tool, now let's see how it works as below:

Step 1: Download and install it.

Step 2: Open and import locked iTunes backup file.

Step 3: Choose one password attack types to recover iTunes iPhone backup password.


Forgot iTunes Backup Encryption Password on Mac OS

Are there solutions to deal with Encrypted iPhone Backup Password? I apparently misplaced my iTunes encrypted backup for my iPhone and I desired to produce a new password for the backups, nevertheless it will not ok, I’ll un-look into the box to venture to an unencrypted backup or customize the password without knowing the prior one.

Jailbreaking the unit is not a choice, nor will I care to complete a complete device wipe. Are there other types of encrypted backup solutions that I can think of? I am running iTunes 11 on Mac OSX Ounce 10.6.7.

How to Recover Backup Password to Restore iPhone from Backup?

As we know, we can use iPhone backup password to secure our iTunes backup. However, what if we forgot or misplace it with unknown one? We cannot restore the backup without the right password any more. So in order to use the backup to restore, we have to get the password at first. We have demonstrated how to recover iTunes backup password on Windows before. Now, what I will discuss is how to recover iPhone backup password for Mac users as in this above case?

Generally, on Mac, we have 3 methods to recover iPhone backup password. And we can also remove the password then you won’t need to enter the password every time you use it.

Method 1: Try Possible Passwords to Meet the Fortune

This is the most simple and basic method we should try. When you realize that your password is forgotten, you will try some other possible passwords used before. Here, I have a list to give you some inspiration to recall your old password.
Apple ID password
iTunes Store password
Windows administrator password
The "Passcode" you used to lock your iPhone
The passcode/lock code used on your iPhone when you first ever used the device
All sorts of variations of my children's names and birthdays
Admin password on the computer that was in effect the first time the iPhone was backed-up
The ones suggested here "0000", "1234", etc.

Method 2: Find the Password from Keychain on Your Mac

Mac users have a choice to save their passwords on Keychain while Windows users have not. Keychain utility is the program containing your passwords for website, wireless network, encrypted iTunes backup files and so on. So we cannot miss this chance to get our password back.

iPhone backup password forgot
Keychain option to find password

• Open Keychain Access, located in /Applications/Utilities/.
• Use the Search box in the upper right corner and type "iphone backup".
• Double click the result, assuming something is found in Keychain.
• Check the box next to "Show password" and enter the Mac administrator password to reveal the lost password associated with the encrypted iPhone backup.

Method 3: Recover/Remove iTunes Backup Password with iPhone Backup Unlocker

The above two are free ways. If you can find the password with either of them, you are lucky. However, if you still cannot find the password, here is the another way – Use third party utility iPhone Backup Password Unlocker. It is designed for Windows users and so far, Mac version has not been unavailable. But does that mean you cannot use for Mac encrypted backup? Not at all. Why don’t we find out a workaround? We can transfer our encrypted backup on Mac to a windows computer. Learn how to transfer backup files from Mac to Windows computer.

Then follow the on-screen guide to perform it on Windows. So easy, isn’t it?