How to Backup iPhone 5 Data while in Recovery Mode

Yesterday, when my iPhone 5 update to iOS 9, it was stuck in recovery mode!  How to  get my iPhone 5 out of recovery mode without losing data? Is there a way can help me backup iPhone 5 data in recovery mode?

There are 2 steps you need to do to backup iPhone 5 data while in recovery mode.

Step 1: Exit Recovery Mode without Data Loss on iPhone 5

If your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode, the most common way to get out of recovery mode is to do a restore or firmware upgrade. Then your data on iPhone may be gone. So when iPhone is stuck in recovery mode, the biggest fear for most users is losing all data on the device.

ReiBoot is the most professional tool in the word to exit recovery mode and DFU mode, and without data loss. Just one click, you can get your iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 5S, 5, 4S out of recovery mode or DFU mode for 100% free.
1. Download and install ReiBoot .
2. Connect your iPhone 5 that stuck in recovery mode or DFU mode to computer. When the "Exit Recovery Mode" button is activated. Click "Exit Recovery Mode" and wait for a while to let your iPhone 5 reboot.

Step 2: Make an iPhone Backup Out of Recovery Mode

When your iPhone 5 boots up, it has gone back to normal. And you will not lose any iPhone 5 files. Then you can make a backup to keep your iPhone 5 data safe with Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery software.

By the way, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery also can help you recover lost data from your iPhone 5 when you need!


How Long Does it Take to Crack a Forgotten iPhone Backup Password

“Actually, I don't recall ever setting one. Now however, I have a new phone 6s and cannot restore it from the backup, as there it prompts me for a password I don't have! I tried all the ones I've used for my iPhone and pretty much every other one of which I can think, all to no avail. I need the data in the back up. But I can't get to it. I've already tried the keychain route to no avail.  Does anyone have any suggestions?”

It is really bad to forget iPhone backup password, especially when we need to use the iPhone backup to backup iPhone data. So how to crack iPhone backup password while we can’t remember it, is about to be one of the main discussions in this article. And also, you can see how long does it take to crack a forgotten iPhone backup password?

Part 1: How to Unlock iPhone Backup Password?
In order to unlock backup password in iPhone, you might as well use the Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker. It is a powerful and professional iPhone backup file password recovery tool. You can use it to recover backup file password in iTunes for iPhone, iPad or iPod. It is quite useful so you can feel free to use it. See how to use it as below:

Step 1: Download it from HERE and install this software to your computer and then double click to open it. You can also open it from the start button
Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer and then the program will recognize it. Then you need to import your backup file, select one of the password attack types.
Step 3: After that, click Start to begin the password recovery.

Part 2: How long to crack iPhone Backup Password?
As a matter of fact, how long to unlock the backup password of iPhone depends on how complex your password is. The password attack types including Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. You can see what it mean as below;
  1. Brute-force Attack: Try all the possible combinations. It takes more time.
  2. Brute-force with Mask Attack: Customize numbers, symbols, characters, etc.
  3. Dictionary Attack: Quickly find the password from inbuilt or customized dictionary.

You can choose one of the password attack type and then to unlock the password. The more information you can remind about the password, the quicker you can figure out it. Consequently, there is no accurate answer about it, what you can do is choose the right type according to your physical truth.


Where does iTunes Put iPhone Backups in a PC (Windows 10)

Many people update their PC to Windows 10 because of free. According to latest survey from StatCounter, Windows 10 accounted for 15.34% of the Windows system market. But the new system may confused some iPhone users with the problem of where does the iPhone backup file location in Windows 10.

It is common that Apple users backup their iPhone, iPad on the PC, but recently you may found that when you want to recover iPhone lost data from iTunes, if you have made a backup with your iPhone or iPad in Windows 10, you can’t find the iPhone backup file location because Windows 10 is a little different from Windows 8/7/Vista.

Here is the iPhone backup location in Windows 10

C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

By the way, we also offer the iTunes backup location on Windows 8, Windows 8 and Windows Vista.

In Windows 8: C:\Users\~\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
In Windows 7: C:\Users\uer\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

The location in Windows Vista is same as Windows 7, besides, if you are a Mac user, you can find the iTunes backup files at: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

What data you can find in iPhone backup file

  1. Photos & videos
  2. Contacts
  3. SMS & iMessages
  4. Notes
  5. Call history
  6. Voice memo
  7. Other data from APP

How to recover iPhone lost data from iPhone backup file in Windows 10

If you feel difficult to recover iPhone/iPad lost data from iPhone backup files, you also can try a third-party software to manage you iTunes backup, such as iTunes data recovery from Tenorshare which can extract to recover iPhone data from iTunes backup or iCloud backup file easily and quickly.

  • First, download and install iTunes data recovery in your PC(compatible with Windows 10).
  • Then, scan the iTunes backup files in Windows 10 and preview them.
  • At last, select the data you want, click "Recover" to recover iPhone file.

Now, you know the specific location of iPhone/iPad backup files in Windows 10 and find an excellent solution to recover iPhone/iPad lost data by the use of an iTunes data recovery in Windows 10 with ease.


How to fix iPhone Backup password not working

When you lost iPhone backup files password, it means that you lost the chance to recover any data on your iPhone. In that case, how can we reset iPhone backup files password easily. Answers are below.

iphone backup password forgotten how to do?

Step1: Use the computer to open Apple's Apple ID management page: https: //appleid.apple.com, click on the page in the "Reset Password" link.
Step2: Next, you can enter the Apple ID account name, click on "Next" to continue. 
Step3: Select the e-mail method to retrieve the password, click on the "Next" button.

Step4: The system then prompts them an e-mail is used to recover the password has been sent.
Step5: Next, open the mailbox, you will see in your inbox letter from Apple sent an email to reset your password. If not, check the mailbox Trash.

Step6: Open the message later, click on the message in the "immediate reset "link.
Step7: Finally, open reset your password page, follow the requirements Apple ID password, enter the new password twice and click "Reset Password" button on it.

How to recover iTunes backup files password

iTunes Store to retrieve and change your password. In the computer, iPhone touch in the following steps to reset your password.
Step1: Go to My Apple ID and click "Reset Password".
Step2: Enter your Apple ID name and click "Next". If you forget your Apple ID, you can click the link on this page for more information.

Step3: You will see two options: email verification or answer your security question.
Step4: Click the link in the email or answer the security question; you'll see options for resetting Apple ID password. Following these steps, you can recover the backup password in easy way.

How to use iPhone backup unlocker to reset iphone backup password

iPhone Backup Unlocker is a powerful and Professional tool for lost or forgot iPhone Backup file password recovery. No matter iTunes backup files password or iCloud backup files password lost, this tool can help you recover it in quickest way.

Step1: Download iPhone Backup Unlocker and install it on your computer. Running this tool and import backup files that need to reset its password.

Step2: Choosing a password attack type to reset your password. There are three types for you. Including Brute-force Attack, this type spends the most time since it will try all possible combinations. The second is Brute-force with Mask Attack, it is apply to your memories that you remember any numbers, symbols or characters for the password. The last type is Dictionary Attack, it works in the quickest way.

Step3: After that, you can click start to recover iPhone backup password, and then entry the recovery password on your iPhone backup files.

Having your mastered this easy way for iPhone backup files password recovery? If not, you can read again. Good luck to you.


How to Change Password in iCloud on iPhone

iCloud password is a kind of service that Apple provides website cloud strorage for its iOS device. With it, you can store the memorandum, calendar reminder, telephone number, etc. What’s more, you can open it with your own Apple ID account. Here in this article, we mainly introduce what iCloud password is and how to change password on iCloud on iPhone accurately.

Part I: How to create Apple ID account

If you have not yet created your own Apple ID account, you can register one from Apple official webpage. Just Google search keyword “Apple ID register” and then you are about to see the target page, just clicking it and then sign it up.
When you see the Apple account manage page, you can click the “create Apple ID” button and then you can begin the process.
It’s worth noticing that when you sign up Apple ID, you have to prepare an email address that you are usual in use, such as your gmail address or yahoo address.
When you sign up Apple ID successfully, you can use it to login iCloud service.

Part 2: How to change iCloud password

What you should prepare is Apple iPhone, no matter it is iPhone 6s plus or iPhone 4. And then in the iCloud under the setting, iPhone will prompt us to login with Apple ID.

After you type your Apple ID account, you are going to login iCloud service. When you login it, you can enjoy lots of services, such as memo, calendar alarm, address book, etc.

Now if you want to change iCloud password because of forgetting it, you can visit https://appleid.apple.com/cn on browser from your iPhone. Then click the “reset password” link.

After that, type your iCloud account, which is also Apple account. Then click Next button.

While you see the interface about the ways to change password, you can select one of them. Then click confirm it. Click and go to the next step.

Then the system will prompt that the reset password link has been sent. Then you have to open the email that you used to register the iCloud account. Just click the link and then your iCloud account password is reset successfully.


Top 3 ways to Backup iPhone 5S to Computer

If you are worry about data loss on iPhone 5S since the files mean a lot to us. You can backup your iPhone 5S to computer to protect your data. Such as backup iPhone 5S contascts, notes, photos, sms to computer.

How to backup iPhone 5S to computer?


iPhone 5S Data Backup provides you with 3 different modes to backup iPhone 5S to computer: backup data from iPhone  5S without Backup, back  iPhone 5S data from iTunes backup and backup iPhone 5S data from iCloud backup. 

Connect iPhone 5S to Computer. Download the iPhone 5S Data Backup on your computer and connect iPhone to this computer via a USB cable. 

Way 1. Backup Data from iPhone 5S Without Backup

Step1: Start to Scan iPhone 5S. It won’t take too long time.
Step2: Preview. After scanning, all the files on your iPhone 5S are listed, like contacts, photos, call history, sms and so on including deleted (in red) and existed ones. Select the files you need to backup and click "Recover".
Step 3: Backup iPhone 5S Data. Finally go to the last step. 

Way 2. Back iPhone 5S Data from iTunes Backup

Step 1: Click on the iTunes symbol on the program's interface. Select your iPhone 5S backup files and click "Start Scan" to start iTunes backup extracting.
Step 2: Preview and backup. After a while, you can see all the data backed up .Select your target file type, and tick the files under this type. Then click "Recover".
Step 3: Save files.

Way 3. Backup iPhone 5S Data from iCloud Backup

Step 1: Select iCoud Recovery Mode and log into iCloud. Click on the iCloud symbol to switch to "Recover Data from iCloud Backup File" the top menu.
Step 2:  Scan iCloud backup. Select you backup file and click "Next" to download this backup file.
Step 3: Preview and backup files from iCloud backup. Then scanning process starts, and ends after a while. Select the files you need to backup and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

The software to backup your iPhone 5S to PC is very easy, isn’t it? In fact, you also can use this software to recover lost data from iPhone. Of course, too much junk files in iPhone would make your iPhone run slowly. Don’t worry, Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro is the professional tool to permanently delete files from iPhone.


How to Retrieve iTunes Backup Password for iPhone

If you are one of the iPhone users, you will need to use iTunes as well. As the famous products of Apple, iPhone and iTunes are always correlative. For example, you need iTunes to backup your iPhone data, which is to prevent losing data in iPhone. In that circumstance, sometimes you create the backup password, too. However, once you can’t remember the backup password, you may lose the chance to backup your iPhone data. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about how to retrieve iTunes backup password for iPhone, no matter it is iPhone 6s or iPhone 4s.

How to Retrieve iPhone Backup Password in iTunes
At first, we need to find out the better way to recover the backup password of your iPhone, which the password is to open the iTunes backup. The first thing I have to talk is that, Apple didn’t help us find out the iTunes password, so we have to remind it back. But the terrible relativity is that, we forgot it! At last, the better way for us to restore iPhone backup password, is to take advantage of third party tool.

How to Retrieve iPhone Backup File Password
Nowadays, I think the iPhone Backup Unlocker is a nice tool unlock your iPhone iTunes backup file password. It is well-known and famous program to recover iTunes backup password, no matter it is iPhone, iPad or iPod. Here you will see how to use it as below.
Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC. Open iTunes in it. Download and install iPhone Backup Unlocker to your PC. Then you can start the software.
Step 2: You will see the whole interface of this application. Then you need to insert iPhone backup file to this unlock tool if you can’t find the location of it. Choose one of the ways to recover the password.
Step 3: Wait for a while and then the iPhone backup file password unlock tool will show the lost password to you at last.

Where the iTunes/iPhone Backup Files Located?
With the iTunes and iTunes backup password, we can backup iPhone data trustingly. However, once it is lost, we have to figure out effective ways to solve it. I think at present, you may curious about where the iPhone backup file located in. As a matter of fact, this file is located in different computer. From the below list, you are about to see them.

# Windows 10/8.1/8 Users>USERNAME>AppData>Roaming>Apple Computer>MobileSync>Backup
#Windows 7: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
#Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Bckup