How to fix iPhone Backup password not working

When you lost iPhone backup files password, it means that you lost the chance to recover any data on your iPhone. In that case, how can we reset iPhone backup files password easily. Answers are below.

iphone backup password forgotten how to do?

Step1: Use the computer to open Apple's Apple ID management page: https: //appleid.apple.com, click on the page in the "Reset Password" link.
Step2: Next, you can enter the Apple ID account name, click on "Next" to continue. 
Step3: Select the e-mail method to retrieve the password, click on the "Next" button.

Step4: The system then prompts them an e-mail is used to recover the password has been sent.
Step5: Next, open the mailbox, you will see in your inbox letter from Apple sent an email to reset your password. If not, check the mailbox Trash.

Step6: Open the message later, click on the message in the "immediate reset "link.
Step7: Finally, open reset your password page, follow the requirements Apple ID password, enter the new password twice and click "Reset Password" button on it.

How to recover iTunes backup files password

iTunes Store to retrieve and change your password. In the computer, iPhone touch in the following steps to reset your password.
Step1: Go to My Apple ID and click "Reset Password".
Step2: Enter your Apple ID name and click "Next". If you forget your Apple ID, you can click the link on this page for more information.

Step3: You will see two options: email verification or answer your security question.
Step4: Click the link in the email or answer the security question; you'll see options for resetting Apple ID password. Following these steps, you can recover the backup password in easy way.

How to use iPhone backup unlocker to reset iphone backup password

iPhone Backup Unlocker is a powerful and Professional tool for lost or forgot iPhone Backup file password recovery. No matter iTunes backup files password or iCloud backup files password lost, this tool can help you recover it in quickest way.

Step1: Download iPhone Backup Unlocker and install it on your computer. Running this tool and import backup files that need to reset its password.

Step2: Choosing a password attack type to reset your password. There are three types for you. Including Brute-force Attack, this type spends the most time since it will try all possible combinations. The second is Brute-force with Mask Attack, it is apply to your memories that you remember any numbers, symbols or characters for the password. The last type is Dictionary Attack, it works in the quickest way.

Step3: After that, you can click start to recover iPhone backup password, and then entry the recovery password on your iPhone backup files.

Having your mastered this easy way for iPhone backup files password recovery? If not, you can read again. Good luck to you.

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