How to crack password for iPhone 6/6 plus backup

We all know that with the iPhone products, selling more and more products on iPhone problems began to emerge. First of all I want to know what you know about the iPhone there. Then there are 3 questions as below.
Question1: Do you know what kinds of problem are often occurred to iPhone?
Question2: Do you know how to back up and restore your iPhone data?
Question3: Do you know how to crack password for iPone 6/6 plus backup?

Do you know what kinds of problems is often happens to iPhone?
Recurring problems: iPhone 6 plus bent, broken screen, no signal, Touch ID failure, malfunction Bluetooth, touch screen does not respond, camera malfunction.
Do you know how to back up and restore your iPhone data?
Information includes purchased music , TV shows, app, and book, " Camera Roll " photos and videos, device settings ( for example, " Phone Favorites," " wallpaper " and " Mail, Contacts, Calendars" account) backup, app data, home screen and app management, information (iMessage, SMS and MMS ) and ringtones. Not be backed up, but you can recover from your computer to synchronize media files through synchronization with iTunes.
Backup and restore using iTunes
Connect the iPhone device to the computer with the latest version of iTunes. Open the iOS device's “Summary" tab. This tag can be accessed in the following ways: pressing the key combination "Ctrl + S" to open sidebar; select the device in iTunes iPhone devices.

Click “Backup Now “button to start the backup iPhone data. To verify the successful completion of a backup, open iTunes “Preferences " and select the "Device " tab. Name of the device will be displayed with the backup creation date and time.
Press the key combination "Ctrl + S" to open sidebar, select the device in iTunes iPhone device, click the "Restore Backup" button to restore the backup data.
Use iCloud Backup and Recovery
iCloud will use iOS most important data is automatically backed up on a 5 or later devices . After the iPhone, via the " Settings > iCloud> Storage and Backup" enabled "Backup”, as long as your device is in the following states, will run daily backups:
1. Connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi
2. Connect to power
3. Lock Screen
In addition, just select from the "Settings > iCloud> Storage and Backup " in the “Backup Now ", through Wi-Fi to connect the device to the Internet, you can manually back up.
When using the “Setup Assistant " in the use of iOS 5 or later, new equipment , choose "Restore from iCloud cloud backup " and enter your iCloud account and password. You will see the backup device each enabled the three most recent backup. Select from backup to restore. Once your device is restarted, it will restore your settings and accounts, and the "Backup" to start the download purchased music, TV shows, app, books, camera roll, and other content. For best battery performance, keep the device connected to the power, until the completion of the recovery. You may be prompted to enter your password on the device is enabled for all accounts.
How to crack password for iPhone 6/6 plus backup?

iPhone Backup unlocker, the professional tool for iPhone Backup password crack. It is very popular for iPhone users to crack lost or forgotten iPhone backup password. Follow the several steps as below, you can crack password for iPhone 6/6 plus quickly and safely.
Step1: Download and install iPhone Backup Unlock on any accessible computer.
Step2: Import iPhone backup files.
Step3: Select an attack type and define the settings at once. There are three types are provide for you. Brute-force Attack , Brute-force with Mask Attack , Dictionary Attack.             
Step4: Start cracking iPhone backup password.
Following the several steps above, you can crack password for iPhone 6/6 plus easily.

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