9 Reasons to Prove iOS 7as the Unprecedent Best System Upgrade in History

If you are a new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C user, that is, you never use any iOS device before, you may not believe that the new iOS 7 is a great upgrade for iOS. However, as an iOS 6 to iOS 7 user, I experience the change vividly. The only thing that disappoints me is after the Update, I lost my iPhone contacts, thankfully, I found a software – Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery. It recovered the lost contacts from my iPhone successfully. Then all is OK. Below I will list some reasons to prove the great improvement!

1. Add Contact Blocking to Shut Down Unwanted Texts, Calls

He is so disgusting! I don’t want to receive ant texts or calls from him! Has this ever annoyed you because there is no contact blocking to shut down unwanted number? Now, you don’t worry about that. Ios 7 provides you with contact blocking.

2. More Intelligent Siri

Pulling up restaurant and movie information, sports scores, and search results are Siri’s implemented function on iOS 6. But now Apple's virtual voice-recognition assistant can also comb through users' Twitter streams to show what a friend is saying or say, turn on the iPhone's flashlight feature.

Moreover, if Siri mispronounces a name, you can tell Siri: "That's not how you pronounce [the name] ". Then Siri will offer up other different ways to pronounce it, and once you choose one, Siri will save and pronounce the name that way moving forward.

3. All New Camera App

The new Camera app offers niceties like Instagram-like filters and a square photo format. And the redesigned camera app also adds a lag-free shutter to users who want to snap more than one pictures in succession.

4. Organize Your Photos in Order Wonderfully

Always complaint that photos are organized disorderly and you need to scroll through countless photos to find what you're looking for? Now Apple automatically groups shots based on time and place. You can easily find your wanted pictures according to time and place.

5. Airdrop

 Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will allow you to exchange photos, videos, emails, and other files with friends if you are near one another. You don’t need to bear the colossal attachments with awkward emails necessarily.

6. Powerful Automatic Updates Function

Wondering if there is a software update? You must check this manually before. But now, when there is an available software update, Ios 7 will remind you automatically. And, you can also get it updated in the background automatically.

7. No Limit on Voice Memo File Size When Sharing

As we know, there is a limit on voice memo files when sharing on the former iOS. When you shared a voice memo that is beyond the limit, it will force you to choose a smaller chunks of audio to share. But now, no limit anymore, you can share whatever you want to.

8.  Better Multitasking

Though multitasking has been adopted by iOS before, there is limit on app icons at the bottom of the screen. Now double-tapping the home button brings up a flow of miniaturized app screens, which makes it easier to figure out what you were doing in each one.

9. Control Center

Tough this is not mind blowing, it is helpful nonetheless. You can think of it as a one-stop shortcut hub to do things like change song tracks, share files via Airdrop, snap photos, and turn on that flashlight feature.

However, there are more features not listed that may also make iOS 7 wonderful. Share your ideas in the comment if you have found better tips.

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