Lost iPhone Data, How to Read/Recover Lost Files?

lost iPhone data
We Often Lost Files
As we all know that iPhone and iOS devices may be the most popular electronical belongings for us. Especially for the young people who pursuit for fashion, they are the huge consumers in the whole market share of the world. We have to say, the iPhone really brings much for our life, but everything has two sides. Sometimes, there are casual problems happened, such as iPhone broken without failure symptom, precious photos or videos unexpectedly dismissed, lost the iOS devices, unprofessional operation leads system formatted, etc. At these various problems situations, we may lose our private information and vital data on our iOS devices, such as the Contacts, messages, photos, office files.

We Have to Secure Data on iPhone
There is wide range of iPhone users on the world than other brand phones. According to a report, iPhone users consume more data in the US than other smartphone users, such as Android users. Well, we may now pay more attention to the data security. Such as to protect person from stealing our Apple iOS device user data, there happened to a notorious computer hacker who has been sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Get iPhone Data Recovery to Retrieve Lost Files


Now, iPhone Data Recovery can help us recover lost data including Contacts, SMS Messages, Photos, Recordings, Reminders, SMS attachments, Voice Memos and Safari Bookmarks, etc. 12 file types.

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At last if you backup file in iTunes, but forgot the encrypted backup password, you can refer to "iPhone Backup Unlocker" to help you unlock backup password!

How to Recover Deleted iPhone Data?


For an iOS device user, if lost data on iPhone/iPod/iPad, he/she may find solutions according to 2 different situations: One is that he has all data with iTunes backup or iCloud backup.
At this situation, just run the data recovery tool on the pc to detect all backup file automatically and then scan the lost data quickly.

Another is that he did not backup data in iTunes or iCloud.
We need prepare a USB connector, learn the DFU mode and then scan data from pc with tool iPhone Data Recovery.

Note, to enter DFU mode, there are 3 steps:
1. Click "start" after power off idevice,
2. Hold "Home" and "Power" buttons for 10 seconds,
3. Release "Power" and still hold "Home" button for 15 seconds.


  1. Retrieve your data as quick as possible. Unfortunately even for us not all data is always retrievable. You should understand what is wrong with your device, and the necessary steps to retrieve your data from it. Your data is not only important but private, and therefore you need to strict confidentiality programmed in place to ensure that all your data is secure.

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  4. It is a common thing that you lost data from iPhone with lots of reasons. Then what you need to do to get the lost files back?
    IPad/iPod/recover deleted text messages iphone or iTunes Data Recovery for Mac software (If you are a Mac user) is needed to help you complete the process.