How to Recover Data without Backup from iPhone

"Oh, god. I show never backup my iPhone data. But now I need to recover deleted data from iPhone, how can I do that?" To recover data from iPhone without backup is much easy for us. Below is a simple guide for us.

How to use iPhone Data Recovery to recover iPhone data without backup

iPhone Data Recovery is a professional software on Google for most iOS users to recover photos, contacts, messages and other data from any case in any iOS devices.
Step 1: Download and install iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. Then connect iPhone to PC.

Tips: On here, you need to click "trust" on your iOS device, then connect to PC.
Step 2: Now this tool start to scan your iPhone, after the scan process finished, you can preview all data that you have deleted.

Step 3: Then you can select the data files that you want to recover, after that, you need to set output settings.
Only in about 3 minutes, you can recover all iPhone data in safest and quickest way.

How to backup and restore iPhone data

We all know that backup information includes purchased music, TV shows, app, and book, "Camera Roll" photos and videos, device settings and so on. If you don't know how to backup and restore iPhone data, below is a detail guide to teach us.

Top 1: Backup and restore using iTunes
Option 1: Ho to backup
Step 1: Connect the iPhone device to the computer with the latest version of iTunes. Open the iOS device in the "Summary" tab. This tag can be accessed in the following ways: by pressing the key combination "Ctrl + S" to open the sidebar, select iPhone in the iTunes device equipment.

Step 2: Click "Backup Now" button to start the backup iPhone data. To verify that the backup completed successfully, open iTunes "Preferences" and select the "Device" tab. The name of the device and the backup creation date and time are displayed together.

Option 2: How to restore
Step 1: First to press the key combination "Ctrl + S" to open the sidebar.
Step 2: To select iPhone in the iTunes device, click the "Restore Backup" button to restore the backup data.

Top 2: Use iCloud Backup and Recovery
Option 1: How to backup
Step 1: iCloud iOS will use the most important data is automatically backed up on a later device.

Step 2: After the iPhone, via the "Settings> iCloud> Storage and Backup" enabled "Backup", as long as your device is in the following states, will run daily backups:
1. Connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.
2. Connect to power.
3. Lock Screen.

Step 3: In addition, by selecting from the "Settings> iCloud> Storage and Backup" in the "Backup Now", through the Wi-Fi device to connect to the Internet, you can manually backup.

Option 2: How to restore
Step 1: When using the "Setup Assistant" in the use of iOS later devices, new equipment, choose "Restore from iCloud cloud backup" and then enter your iCloud account and password.

Step 2: You will see the backup device each enabled the three most recent backup.
Step 3: Then you can select the backup to restore from. Once your device is restarted, it will restore your settings and accounts, and the "Backup" to start the download already purchased music, TV shows, app, books, camera roll, and other content.

Step 4: In the end, for the best battery performance, keep the device connected to the power, until the completion of the recovery. You may be prompted to enter the password on the device is enabled for all accounts.

In the end, have you got how to recover data without backup from iPhone in easy way? You can depend on own case to choose the best method.