How to Reset a Screen Locked iPhone with/without iTunes

If you own an iPhone and create a passcode on it, the process is simple. However, if you forgot the passcode to unlock your iPhone so the iPhone screen is locked, what can you do the next? It is known to us that the passcode is 4-digit number, if you type the wrong number too many times, your iPhone will be disabled. Even though the reason that iPhone owner lost iPhone password is diverse, we don’t spend too much time discussing it. The most important thing we can do is trying to reset screen locked iPhone and this article will talk about how to reset screen locked iPhone with or without iTunes.

Part1: How to Reset Screen Locked iPhone with iTunes

If you have backup all the data in your iPhone, you can use iTunes to restore your iPhone and then unlock the cell phone without any password. So first of all, you need to connect your iPhone to iTunes that installed in your PC or Mac. When you see the hint as well, click Cancel. PS: If there is a backup password in iTunes and you forgot it, you can use iPhone Backup Unlocker to unlock iPhone backup file password in iTunes in advance.

After that, you will need to restore your iPhone to factory setting:
1. Turn off your iPhone.
2. Press and hold the Home button, and while holding the Home button in, hurry up and connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cord.
3. Continuing holding the Home button until the "Connect to iTunes" screen pops up.
4. iTunes will give you the recovery mode alert.
5. Click "OK" and restore the device.

Part2: How to Reset Screen Locked iPhone without iTunes

If you are disagree with using iTunes to reset screen locked iPhone with iTunes, and then you can also take advantage of Siri to unlock password. To get more detailed step-by-step guide, you can watch the following video from YouTube.

Note: This method can only work to a certain extent, and only if the owner has allowed Siri access when the iPhone is locked.