Fastest way to unlock iPhone 6 backup password

iOS device including iPhone 6/6 Plus user can't back up their device without iTunes. Certainly, iTunes can helpe iPhone 6 user to do many things, exspecially, backing up phone data. when doing backup for iPhone 6 with iTunes,we can set a password for backup file to protect personal data from disclosure. However, I think you may ever face to forgetting iPhone backup password in iTunes,which is a big trouble when you want to restore data from iTunes.

So, how can I restore iPhone lost data with iTunes backup when password is forgotten? Generally, iTunes backup password may be set as personal informations in daily life. When we can't recall the password in a moment, we can try to type some possibilities. As for me, I will set my birthday or its transformers as iTunes backup password for my iPhone 6. Once you lost iPhone 6 backup password, you can try what you think it is possible, maybe you can remember something can help you unlock iPhone 6 backup password. However, this way is very slow and so boring.  

unlock iphone 6 backup password

P.S. What possibility for iPhone 6 backup password in iTunes:
1.Apple ID password 
3.ID care number or phone number.
4.your friends or loves' birthday or memorial day
Finally, we still need to find a fastest way to unlock iPhone 6 backup password. I prefer to use professional iTunes backup password recovery.

iPhone Backup Unlocker is dedicated to recovering lost iTunes backup password for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and enabling forensic access to address books, call logs, SMS archives, voice mail and email account settings, applications, and so on in these backups. Moreover, it ensures you no data loss or damage to your backup data.

After this brief introduction, you may need to know how to use this iPhone backup password recovery tool, now let's see how it works as below:

Step 1: Download and install it.

Step 2: Open and import locked iTunes backup file.

Step 3: Choose one password attack types to recover iTunes iPhone backup password.