iPhone Backup Unlocker for Mac - Unlock iPhone Backup Password on Mac

How do I recover my forgotten iPhone backup encryption password? I had been trying to reset the password when I realized that I can't even remember the actual password that we set while I setup my iPhone. I tried everything but nothing works. It may not be like me to put your password strength like what I usually set so... honestly, I'm really stuck. I’m using a Mac. Does anyone know a way to find the forgotten iPhone backup password on Mac?

Many people tell me that they know a tool called iPhone backup unlocker provided by Tenorshare that can unlock lost password for iPhone/iTunes backup. But the bad news is that this iPhone backup password unlocker has only windows version, not Mac version. So many Mac users though that they have no way to recover forgotten iPhone backup password.

Now, let’s make a workaround: Why not transfer the backup on your Mac to a windows PC then use this Tenorshare iPhone backup password unlocker.

What Should We Know about iTunes Backup?

Every time you connect your iPhone with a computer on which iTunes is installed, iTunes will create a backup for you as long as you didn't disable the automatic sync option.

Note: If you realize that your iPhone data is erased and want to restore data from iPhone backup, make sure to disable the automatic sync before you connect iPhone with iTunes, or your previous backup files will be covered by the recent iPhone data. You won’t restore iPhone from the previous backup.

To disable automatic sync option:  Edit > Preferences > Devices > Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically should be switched Off.

Where is the iTunes Backup Located on Computer?

Backup created with iTunes is system based, so you can transfer the backup from one computer system to another. Of course, iTunes backup location varies from different Operating System. They are showed in the table below.

iTunes backup location on different OS

How to Unlock Forgotten Password for iPhone/iTunes Backup on Mac?

As we know, Tenorshare iPhone backup password unlocker is recently run on windows PC, so if you are using a Mac and want to recover forgotten iTunes backup password, you should transfer your iPhone backup on Mac to a windows PC. Then run the windows based iPhone backup unlocker.

Fast guide to perform the iTunes backup password recovery:

1. Obtain the suggested iPhone Backup Password Recovery from a laptop or computer and handle the installation. And then simply click “Open” to import the actual secured backing files into it.

2. Pick a backup security password recovery attack character in the given three kinds you can see.

3. Click on the “Start “button to start the iTunes backup password recovery.