How to Fix iPhone 6s Crashes When Restoring iCloud Backup

“Oh, god. My iPhone 6s crashes when restoring iCloud backup, how can I fix that trouble case?”As below, we can learn a professional tutorial to teach us how to recover iPhone 6s files iClound backup in easy way.

How to use iPhone Care Pro for Mac to fix iPhone 6s crashes

iPhone Care Pro for Mac is such a professional tool for files manager. It can help you recover contacts, photos, app, music, videos and other files in quickest way. We can learn its detail functions as below.
Step 1: Download and install iPhone Care Pro for Mac on your devices. Then running it and select “Files Manager” to manage the files that you need.

Step 2: Depending on your own need, you can choose to add, delete or export files to Mac. In that case to you are to choose the files that you need to recover from iCloud backup.
Step 3: After that, the problem to you is to restart the devices.

How to fix iPhone 6s crashes when restoring iCloud backup

iCloud backup:
Automate cloud backups, using iCloud requires four conditions:
Step 1: You need have Apple account, open "settings-iCloud" need the contents of the backup, open "settings-iCloud-storage and backup-iCloud cloud backup".

Step 2: iPhone are connected to the power supply, that is, through the charger has power.
Step 3: Screen lock, press the power button, black screen of that State.
Step 4: You need to have access to the wireless local area network, WIFI.
Only meet four conditions in order to automatically backup.

Manually with the iCloud enable cloud backup

Enter the "settings-iCloud-storage and backup-back up now can backup iPhone information manually.
iCloud recovery
If the iPhone prior to iCloud cloud backups manually or automatically, when there is a problem, data can be recovered by cloud backup (including photos, address book, settings, documents, and so on), the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Mobile phone connected to the computer, open the iTunes.
Step 2: Select "device-iPhone-version XX-recovery", suggesting that "the settings that you want to back up your iPhone before updating the software", says this one is iTunes backup does not affect the cloud backup, based on individual needs.

Step 3: Prompted "are you sure you want to restore the iPhone to factory settings? This will erase all of your media and other data".
Step 4: Download iTunes again, and this time the system needs to be about more than 10 minutes to half an hour, do not disable the phone's data cable throughout the process, once the download is complete, initial settings of the phone interface.

Step 5: Follow the prompts to set up one by one, until you see the "new iPhone" or "iCloud backup", "iTunes backup", select the "iCloud earlier backup-backup" backup of the last three records at this time, select a point in time restore phone to work properly, the rest is waiting. In several minutes later, you can recover the files from iCloud or iTunes backup in easy way.

Top 2 easy ways to teach you how to fix iPhone 6s crashes when restoring iCloud backup, how to recover iPhone 6s iCloud backup files in easy way. Good luck to you.